The low-code platform

Tangora's low-code platform marks a significant shift in how organizations approach application development, offering a streamlined, user-friendly avenue for transforming innovative ideas into impactful digital applications.

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Accessible for various users

Low-code approach 

Significantly lowers the barrier to entry for application development, making it accessible not just to professional developers but also to business analysts and other non-technical stakeholders. By providing an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, Tangora empowers users to build and customize applications efficiently, aligning with specific business requirements without the need for extensive coding.

Quality and performance

The platform's emphasis on efficiency doesn't come at the cost of quality or scalability. 

Tangora ensures that even as development processes become more accessible, the resulting applications meet high standards of quality and performance. The applications developed on Tangora's platform are not only tailored to the unique needs of the business but are also designed to scale, accommodating growth and evolving requirements without significant rework or downtime.

Tangora's low-code platform democratizes application development


rapid deployment of solutions that are both effective and adaptable without extensive coding. 


to swiftly respond to market changes, innovate continuously, and maintain a competitive edge.


that the digital infrastructure is robust, scalable, and aligned with company’s strategic goals.


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    Tangora transforms ideas into impactful applications. With its low-code platform, expect efficient solutions tailored to your needs.